The automated deployment SaaS for Computer Vision

Transform your project into revenue without the need for infrastructure.

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Deploy solutions on a fully managed, secure infrastructure

Transition seamlessly from prototype to a ready-to-use endpoint API without the hassle of setting up and maintaining a complex infrastructure.

Create endpoint APIs without the need for DevOPs knowledge

All AI engineers and data scientists can deploy their solutions without any prior MLOps experience.

Focus on your core business and save engineering time

Don’t waste time and money on a new technical team when you don’t have to.

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Make endpoints private or public

Choose to keep your endpoints private for your organization or share them for others to integrate.

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Keep your deployment costs low

You only pay for your actual deployment usage, with the best pricing for your project.

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Manage multiple projects in collaborative mode

Share your dedicated space, allowing your team to push and deploy solutions on demand.


Manage your projects

Create, organize and share your projects with your team.

Push workflows

Push your Computer Vision workflow JSON files from Ikomia API or STUDIO..

Select provider

Pick a provider from the list of trusted partners according to your project’s characteristics.

Customize deployment settings

Simply select your deployment type, region and size.

Deploy dedicated endpoints

Click and just wait for your endpoint API to appear in your workspace, fully functional and ready to use.

Control endpoint results

Test and visualize endpoint results with an interactive UI.

Deploy without the hassle


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When will the SCALE be released?

The Beta version of the SCALE is launching on October 5th. If you haven’t enrolled for the Beta, official launch will probably occur in the beginning of 2024. Signup to our monthly newsletter to stay informed.

Who is Ikomia SCALE designed for?

Ikomia SCALE is tailored for organizations seeking to deploy Computer Vision solutions without the need to create and manage computing infrastructures. Whether you lack the resources for infrastructure management or simply prefer a hassle-free approach, Ikomia SCALE is designed to meet your needs.

Who can use Ikomia SCALE?
  • AI/CV developers and engineers to upload their workflows and initiate deployments.
  • Back-end developers to access the Endpoint APIs for seamless integration into their solutions.
  • Executives and managers to oversee traffic and usage patterns.
Which kinds of workflows can I deploy with Ikomia SCALE?

You can deploy Ikomia workflows, which are JSON files created with Ikomia STUDIO or API. These workflows are constructed using state-of-the-art (SOTA) algorithms packaged to be mutually compatible.

What is your cloud provider?

We currently use AWS solutions, with plans to integrate Scaleway and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in the near future.

Will it be CPU or GPU or both?

Our Beta version currently offers serverless infrastructure (CPU) through AWS. However, we are working on introducing CPU/GPU instances to our platform soon, with the goal of providing scalable CPU and GPU deployment options.

How to push workflows on Ikomia SCALE?

You can push your workflows through Ikomia CLI, our open source Python API or Ikomia STUDIO, the desktop application.

What about the security of my deployed projects?

Each workflow is deployed in a secure private environment, only accessible by a protected online endpoint.

How much will it cost?

You will pay per image for serverless infrastructure and per hour for CPU/GPU instances. Future prices are not yet finalized but will be competitive compared to existing deployment plans.