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Ikomia helps the Computer Vision community create solutions in a more scalable manner.

We are an open-source Computer Vision toolset for all engineers and data scientists.

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The story

In 2012, two Computer Vision researchers collaborated at a biomedical firm. While conducting experiments and creating new algorithms, they often discussed the complexity of prototyping methods and processes. What if Computer Vision prototyping was more accessible? 
Wouldn’t that result in the creation of more positive impact solutions?
In due time, they funded Ikomia to develop tools that make the best Computer Vision algorithms easy to use for all professionals.

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Our commitment to open source

All the tools and the integrated algorithms we integrate are open source. Therefore, it was only natural that the platform that utilizes them is also open source. Beyond this aspect, we firmly believe that knowledge-sharing is one of the keys to unlocking the emergence of future technologies with a positive impact on both humanity and the planet.

The upcoming release of SCALE, the paid deployment solution (IaaS), this summer will ensure that Ikomia is viable and sustainable. Note that API and STUDIO users will maintain the option to deploy their solutions independently. However, SCALE will offer a simpler and faster means.


Responsible AI

We strongly believe that Artificial Intelligence can help make the world more fair, safe, and sustainable. We provide powerful tools to our users with trust they will be used for the benefit of mankind.

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